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Our expertise

20th October 2021 Douala, Cameroon | 2 minutes of reading Our expertise Here at BAO, we sharpen our oenological expertise to help you with your purchases, with the support of our partner @GlobalWine. Don’t hesitate to contact our different shops for advice on how to delight your taste buds, our wine advisors are at your […]

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Back to school special

26th August 2021 Douala, Cameroon | 2 minutes reading Back to school special From Thursday 26 August to Wednesday 08 September, take advantage of our special offers in our 4 shops: (Montée St Michel / Montée PK9 / Logbessou/ Deido). Benefit from a wide range of products, notebooks, pens, everything you need to get your […]

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Opening Deïdo-Douala

11th August 2021 – Douala, Cameroon | 2 minutes reading Opening Deïdo-Douala BAO CASH and CARRY Deïdo-Douala OPENING (Rue Kotto) Your new shop BAO CASH and CARRY DEÏDO (opposite Saint Gérard school) is since yesterday 10/08/2021, well and truly operational. We reiterate our thanks to all the population of DEÏDO for the great welcome. Bao_cash_and_carry […]

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